Core Values

Norma McCarthy, LPC & Associates empowers people to transform their struggles into meaningful and lasting change by incorporating the following core values into its daily practice.

  1. Empowerment: Each person has unique characteristics ie: “super powers” that make them an irreplaceable human being.
  2. Diversity: An unyielding devotion to treating each person with compassion, acceptance and dignity while maintaining a culture of inclusion for a diverse clientele.
  3. Quality: Exceeding professional and ethical standards for the mental health industry while providing evidence-based psychotherapy.
  4. Integrity: Interacting with clients and colleagues in an ethical, authentic and honest manner.
  5. Teamwork: Ensuring continuity of care by coordinating your treatment with other healthcare professionals.
  6. Passion/Commitment: To enjavascript:void('5')ding stigma about mental illness and mental health and increasing awareness of the benefits of psychotherapy.
  7. Learning: Ongoing enhancement of professional knowledge and skills through inquiry, continuing education and research
  8. Safety: Providing an emotionally and physically safe environment where clients are met with compassion and sensitivity is the foundation for people to access their instinctive ability to heal, their courage to love and their strength to create a life they are proud of.
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