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Message To My Clients

As your therapist, I will assist you in deepening your self awareness, identifying and changing unhelpful thinking, process and understanding your feelings and teach you healthy coping skills to enhance your relationship with others and yourself.  My job is to help you make sense of your own experiences and integrate truthful narratives into your life.  

In therapy you will experiences many different feelings and stages of growth; at times you may cry, you may laugh, you may feel like quitting, you may feel like you're growing by leaps and bounds.  I can assure you that each stage and every feeling is valid and needed for your progress.  I will be your encouragrage, your hope, your challenger and your motivator.  We may not always agree and that's ok; in my office you can ask any question and tell me anything on your mind. You can expect me to be kind, listen to your perspective and work with you to provide relief to your concerns. My office is an inviting place where every single part of you is welcome, even the parts that are uncomfortable to share.

The therapeutic relationships is one of mutual respect and openness.

Therapy begins the moment you sign your consent forms and set up your client portal.  From there we'll set up your first appointment where together, we will establish your treatment goals and get to know each other.  You will know you're making progress as you experience each of your treatment goals being accomplished.  

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